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the Mussalmans, this SiigumancipaUe ceased to bts a possession
of the God Istakaniesvara of Siddhavata and was coiitiscattd
by the state.

ZJZ. 35, p. 170

The Muhammadans fought with Aliya Ramaraja in
S.S. 14^6 Raktaksi. In the disturbances which followed their
seizure of the kingdom after they put him to death, the
country was devastated.

-i :  £,,#. jt p. 49

The rale of this (5.1-eviti) Kondraju lasted until S.S. 1486
Raktaksi, when Aliya Ramaraja of Yijayanagara was killed by
the Mussalmans. Anarchy prevailed in the country afterwards
up to S.S. 1492 Pramoduta ; and the people were considerably
harassed by thieves and the uncertainty caused by unsettled
government. In S.S. 1493 Frajotpattif Hande Vira Basappa
Nayadu was wounded in a battle at Kalayaaadurga. Sadaaiva
Deva Maharaja granted to him in appreciation of his
services the simas of Cangalamarri, Davvuru, Porumamiila,
Baddivolu, and Sirivolla.

Kztflyat of C3nfalj»t jrri : £./:. 11, p. 399.

When Aliya Ramaraja was killed, the country was
devastated by the Mlecchas; therefore this village fell into
ruin. After it was repopulated once again to some extent
during the da\s of the king Sr! Rangaraya of Penugonda, this
village was in the possession o^'the said God of Siddhavatam.

t of I**ukZr» : L.K. 10, pp. 16W.

The worship of the God was not properly conducted
during the reign of £rfrangaraja of Penugo^da. When the
country was devastated after Aliya Ramaraja's death by the